Rose di Verona™


Rose di Verona™

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With dark chocolate embraces and exotic blood orange kisses, Rose di Verona™ swells with passion. Star-crossed lovers come together beautifully, joined by fragrant whispers of dried roses, and hazelnuts. It’s a lush, delicate blend inspired by one of Italy’s most romantic cities—after all, Verona is where Romeo poured out his heart to Juliet. If you can’t find a balcony of your own, curl up in your favorite chair with a cup of Rose di Verona™ and prepare to be swept off your feet.

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NET WT 8 OZ / 220 G — 100 SERVINGS

Brewing Guide

Pre-heat your tea vessel. Measure 1 scant tsp. of tea into a filter.
Pour 6 oz. of freshly boiled water over tea and steep for 3 minutes.
Strain, pour and enjoy! Be sure to compost spent tea leaves. {Given measurements are per serving.}

Serving Suggestions

Intensely flavored and decadent, this lovely tea satisfies your craving for sweets when you want to be good, and complements desserts when you want to indulge. Sweeten with a little sugar or chocolate flavored stevia to enhance the cocoa notes. Add milk for an entirely silky treat.

Food Pairing

With indulgent chocolate flavors heightened by zesty citrus and rose petal notes, start the day with Rose di Verona™ and Nutella-filled crêpes, or flaky chocolate croissants ( I take plain ones and slather on Nutella and orange marmalade! mmmm! bring that to bed to wake her up warmly!!) Afternoons are sweeter still with Rose di Verona™, chocolate dipped hazelnut biscotti, and an old movie. Romeo and Juliet, perhaps?


Assam and Chinese black teas, Organic Fair-trade certified dried rose petals, Peruvian Fair-trade certified crushed cocoa nibs, Italian blood orange peel, coconut, Italian hazelnuts and roasted almonds flakes, and natural GMO-free orange & almond extracts.