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Berkeley Vale®

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Thundering hooves echo along the rolling hills in an exhilarating chase, as the wily fox vanishes into the woods. The hunt is over, and Lord Loudoun, Scotland’s Duke of Argyll, relaxes by the fire with a warming mug of tea. Inspired by Lord Loudoun himself and Virginia’s historic Hunt Country, I created this tea using three Estate Keemun black teas grown between the Yellow Mountains and Yangtze River in China’s esteemed Qimen region. For centuries, fine Keemun teas have graced the tables of Lords and Ladies around the world, and now you can sip it at your own table. This bracing blend is brimming with rich, resonant flavors and enticing smoky notes. Tally-ho!

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NET WT 8 OZ / 220 G — 100 SERVINGS

Brewing Guide

Pre-heat your tea vessel.
Measure 1 tsp. of tea into a filter.
Pour 6 oz. of freshly boiled water over tea and steep for 3–5 minutes.
Strain, pour and enjoy! Be sure to compost spent tea leaves. {Given measurements are per serving.}

Serving Suggestions

Settle into your favorite chair and wrap your hands around a steaming mug of Lord Loudoun tea. Rich and smoky, best drunk straight or with a splash of milk. Raise your pinky if you must, but this is a robust, bracing blend oft enjoyed by rugged Scots huntsmen and hardy Highland lassies.

Food Pairing

Oh, aye, nothing pairs better with hearty fare! Sip with rich, smoked salmon and bagels to start the day, and in the afternoon, with smoked turkey and cranberry sandwiches, or Stout Dundee cake. A hot pot of Lord Loudoun is an essential part of a traditional Virginia “Hunt Board” of roasted ham, beef, Stilton and Wensleydale cheeses, fig cake and port.


A blend of Keemun black tea from Anhui Province, China.