Be infused with love…

Some people dream in color, but I dream in tea. Blending together fragrant tea leaves, bright blossoms, and sultry spices I transcend time. I’m able to bring to life culinary tea fantasies that swirl in my imagination and tickle my palate. Inspired by travels and tastes, special people, places and experiences, I am able to capture loving memories and moments. When I blend my teas, the heady fragrances dance together and I am transported to another place, another time, or another happy, loving moment, flooding my soul and infusing my tea with love. Each blend is deeply personal, and a unique experience that will infuse you with a sense of love, light and well being that transcends lifetimes.

I have spent more than 20 years as a tea sommelier, educator and consultant to the tea trade, honing my skills as an artisan. I am delighted to share my innovative, handcrafted artisan teas with you. Creating each blend is truly a labor of love. I travel the world to use only the highest quality teas, fruits and botanicals to ensure that my teas are 100% pure—brimming with gorgeous aromas, voluptuous flavors, and healthful benefits, nothing artificial or genetically modified. My standards are unusually high, combining my background in nutrition, my California Bay Area raised body-mind-soul consciousness, and my forty-plus years working in hospitality and my family’s Italian food based business, known for their commitment to exceptional quality. Each blend is infused with my passion for living, my love for tea and respect for mankind and the planet. I create unique blends designed to lift you body, mind and soul, and I give you specific guidelines and brewing instructions or recipes to best experience and enjoy each tea as I envisioned them. My hope is that you will be infused with the love I imbibe in each blend. Enjoying each cup or glass sip by sip as you drink in happiness and love!

My passion for tea has taken me around the world—I’ve been honored to study with renowned tea artisans and chefs in America, Europe and Asia, and have taught classes in the U.S., the UK, Ireland, France and Germany. I am available for demonstrations and classes, including afternoon teas, cooking programs and private parties.

May you be infused with love,